Tips for completing your application:

  1. Download a printable application or submit an electronic application from the links above.
  2. Please read everything carefully and answer all questions honestly. This document becomes part of your health insurance contract.
  3. Please complete all sections to the best of your ability. Please pay special attention to the health history Section.  By including the specific details to questions you answered "yes" to - the processing of your application will be expedited. Be sure to include:
    • The specific name and date of the diagnosis or condition and correct spelling.
    • The treatment(s) that were done, including the last time you visited the doctor for this condition and medications that were prescribed and medications that are currently being taken.
    • Final result refers to the status of the condition. If it has been treated and your doctor has not requested any follow-ups, please state so. If you are still seeing the doctor, please state so.
    • Complete name, address and phone number of the doctor.
  4. Provide Certificate of Creditable Coverage (if available)
    Please refer to Credit for Prior Coverage Eligibility for more information. Please note, if you do not have your Certificate of Creditable Coverage at the time of application, please submit your application anyway. Credit for pre-existing condition waiting periods will be credited upon receipt of your Certificate of Creditable Coverage by Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon.
  5. Payment Options:
    • Monthly Bank Draft:  Please complete Authorization section carefully and attach a voided check. (deposit slip does not work!)
    • Direct Bill:  Simply check the Direct bill , and you are done
  6. Final check list before mailing:
    • All sections completed?
    • Copy of Insurance Card or Certificate of Credible Coverage
    • Signed and Dated
    • Voided check if selecting the automated monthly withdrawal
  7. Send all Enrollment Materials to:
    CDA Insurance LLC
    PO Box 26540
    Eugene, OR 97402