Low Cost Oregon Health Insurance Plans

Many consumers search for "Low Cost Health Insurance Coverage" in Oregon.  We represent almost every health insurance company that offers health insurance in Oregon so we can help you find a low cost plan that fits your budget.  Some lower costing examples of this kind of plan are the Evolve Core plan from Regence, the Elect Preferred plan from Pacific Source, Beneficial Value (with Rx) from ODS, or the WiseValue Plus from LifeWise of Oregon.  You might also consider the Elect Value plan from PacificSource or Regence Evolve Core plan with a higher deductible if you want a plan that includes a doctor visit copay or prescription benefits.

This kind of health plan is designed to be a lower cost alternative to the more benefit rich plans.  Many times these plans do not cover things like outpatient prescriptions, immunizations or routine physicals. They offer a wide range of deductibles that allow people to save a tremendous amount of money in premiums.

If this kind of plan is what you are looking for, we invite you to use our HI Quoter to get an instant quote to begin your search for a new health plan for yourself!  In seconds you will see the prices and be able to compare benefits of the plans available in your part of Oregon. As always, we are here to help. If you need more personalized assistance, send us an email with your information and we will be happy to send you a quote!

Insurance Deals

We are asked many times if there are any "deals" in health insurance.  The simple answer is NO.  In Oregon, the price is the price no matter where you buy a plan.  It is the same if you buy a plan directly from one of the Insurance Companies in Oregon, or if you use an agency like ours.  We charge you no fees for the work that we do.  We are paid by whichever company you choose to apply with.